Ref.-No.: 2018/03101

Crystal or refined sugar of EEC no2 quality, with the following specifications only:

max colour 45 ICUMSA
min pol 99.80 degrees
max moisture 0.06%
max ash 0.027%

Packing: 50kg Poly bags with standard marks
Shipment from Origin according to the below schedule at seller's option
Delivery: CnF Mersin Port, Turkey

THC at destination for Buyer's account all other charges for Buyer

Quantity: 240mt +/-2pc for operational purposes and at Seller's option

Price: For Apr 2018 shipment period: Premium plus 33 over MAY 2018 LDN futures month CnF Mersin in containers Fixed price indicated basis current mkt 505,00 USD.

Payment: CIA OR 50 percent deposit and balance against CAD SCAN COPY Documents, Documents for payment as per RSAL terms.
Weight and Quality as per manufacturer's cert final at time of loading.
Other terms: As per RSAL