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Jan 2017




Buying of Rough Diamonds




The whole procedure is triggered by a valid manifest from the seller which is passed on to us.

We will use it as the basis for a qualified buying order.


Delivery must be to security house “Jumbo Air Cargo”, Free Zone Airport Kloten-Zurich, Switzerland.


A contact by phone is only necessary after a valid manifest is presented. In order to build up a mutually trustful relationship we suggest to begin with a deal size of about 2 Mio. USD. When established a long term delivery partnership to the benefit of both partners is pursued.


We are ready, willing and able to buy Rough Diamonds with transaction in Switzerland – preferably directly from procedures/sellers, not brokers.




The following parameters are required:


Quantity: from 1000 carat, without limit above –annual contract if possible
Color: D, E, F, G, and in small quantity H
Clarity: IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1
Size: 4 ct. and more








  1. Seller send manifest with desired price. The following parameters shall be included: Weight/Size (ct.), Color, Clarity, Price proposal of seller per ct.

  2. We send Order with confirmation that the stones are taken over.

  3. The Rough diamonds must be sent to Sec. House „Jumbo Air Cargo“. Zürich/Kloten


The „Security House Jumbo Air Cargo 2000SA”, resides in the „Free Zone Airport Kloten“, and is supervised the Swiss customs. Its address is:






Jumbo Air Cargo 2000 SA
Freight West, Office 2-356
CH-8058 Zürich-Airport


  1. No payments in advance from our side.

  2. As soon the Security House confirmed reception of the mentioned rough diamonds the


our Gemologist will come to verify and evaluate the stones.


  1. Rough diamonds have to correspond the manifest. Price has to be negotiable, final


price at TTM in the Security House.


  1. Payment will be as agreed at TTM








Seller must provide the following documents to us after his payment of the Government taxes and all other costs




1. Three originals of Commercial Invoices in favour of us.


2. Certificate of Origin.


3. Certificate of Ownership.


4. Declaration that the product is free and clear and of non-criminal origin,


unencumbered and free of any liens, transferable and exportable.


= Kimberley Process Certificates (KPC)


5. Gross weight and net weight.


6. All necessary document from the export of Diamonds to our destination.


Export permit, Original copy of the air waybill


Full set air waybill, marked „ air freight Pre-paid“ with Freight number and date of arrival.


7. We will pay all the taxes on our destination.




The cost for the whole shipping package accruals to about 3-5% depending on the additional and optional fees requested by the issuers of the customs papers. To ease the seller these accruals we can take a part compensated by the final pricing.





Procedere for rough diamonds
tahts the way we all times buy rough diamonds
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