our gold procedere

we buy Gold as bars or nuggets. from 100 kg SPOT or 100 kg per week or month to 500 MT per month. our procedere you can see here on this site.

gold nuggest

we buy only gold with "internationell procedere". without pre-payment or this phantasie tax payment etc...


we buy only cif europ up:


air port:

  • swiss or
  • germany or
  • franc or
  • austria or
  • dubai

our customers is melts in this countrys and all registration LME.


we need minimum discount from gros 9% and net 7%.

We only deal with offers that were offered with all details.


gold bullion ledger to ledger

our international customers is banks and gouverments. So that all the commissions are secured and we can deal with banks OFF MARKET, a NON OPERATET COMPANY is switched before. This is accepted and registered with our banks. So that we can negotiate every quantity immediately.

Please make sure that they are complete.

This means:

  1. Names of the Hallmark
  2. Age of the Hallmark
  3. storage location

And of course all other important information about the gold such as purity, Carat quantity discount etc ...

You can send us your "SCO" or "FCO" here

or to the following email address:


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